Cable Matting
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    Cablelay is a cable matting used to protect

    Cablelay is a cable matting used to protect cables laid under raised floors or in cable basket trays

    6mm thick Cablelay is used to protect cables from sharp edges, protrusions and pressure points in cable basket

    Thicker 13mm Cablelay is placed directly on the floor to provide a path for cabling under raised flooring

    25mm Cablelay can be used on floors to safeguard against very low level flooding

    Cablelay has a closed cell structure making it resistant to any chemical or moisture penetration from the concrete substrate

    Conforms with BS476 parts 6 & 7 and has a Class 'O' fire rating as required by British Building Regulations

    LSZH Cablelay is also available although it should be noted that LSZH matting products do not meet Building Regulation Class 'O' requirements

    Cablelay is supplied on rolls and is available in a range of widths to suit various cable tray sizes

    A Class 'O' tape is available for joining sections of Cablelay together whilst maintaining the fire rating

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