Fibre Test Accessories
  • £78.06
    Allow bare fibres to be temporarily terminated to

    Allow bare fibres to be temporarily terminated to allow connection to test equipment

    Applications include testing unterminated optical fibre before and after installation and factory acceptance testing of optical fibres/cables or pigtailed components

    Available in ST, SC, or FC connector styles

    Available for both singlemode and multimode, 250µm and 900µm buffered fibre

    A stripped, cleaned, and cleaved fibre is inserted into the adaptor and secured by a clamp. The adaptor can then be connected to the test equipment

    It is recommended that the S325A cleave tool is used to cleave the fibre

    To reuse, simply release the fibre clamp

    Some customers prefer to use multimode adaptors for singlemode fibre as the larger tolerance on the ferrule hole diameter makes fibre insertion easier

    Broken fibres can be removed from the adaptor ferrules using our cleaning wires

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  • £72.73
    Used for suppressing far end reflections when

    Used for suppressing far end reflections when performing singlemode return loss testing

    A typical test setup might require the far end connector of the assembly under test to be pushed into the block, allowing the near end connector return loss to be measured

    Refractive index 1.497

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  • £15.78
    Reduces fresnel reflections and insertion loss in

    Reduces fresnel reflections and insertion loss in mechanical splices and other assemblies

    Refractive index 1.497

    Supplied in a 30ml bottle, the fluid can be dispensed in a syringe

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  • £18.07
    When conducting attenuation/insertion loss

    When conducting attenuation/insertion loss testing with a multimode light source some test methods require the use of a mandrel to change the modal distribution

    The mandrel is used with the test cord from the light source. It has grooves around which the test lead is wrapped five times

    The test lead is retained on the mandrel without tools or tape

    The mandrels suit 3mm test cords and are available for 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm fibres. They were designed to meet the requirements of TIA/EIA-568-B

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  • £219.60
    When conducting insertion loss testing on

    When conducting insertion loss testing on multimode fibres it is possible that test equipment from two different manufacturers will give different results

    This variation is often due to differences in the modal distribution of the light sources (i.e. differences in the way the beam of light fills the fibre)

    The difference in measurements can be even more significant when results from a light source with an LED output are compared with results from an OTDR that has a laser output

    Test leads fitted with a ModCon mode controller ensure that the correct modal distribution conditions are achieved irrespective of the light source used

    This ensures consistency in test results independent of the test equipment employed

    The ModCon provides an output that complies with the encircled flux requirement of IEC 61280-4-1

    Mode controllers compliant with the 85/85 Limited Phase Space launch conditions are available for aerospace applications

    Mode controllers are available with any combination of FC, LC, SC or ST connectors to suit the test equipment and system under test

    The standard test lead length is 1.5m

    We can also supply ModCons built into OTDR launch boxes. Please contact our sales team for details

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