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    Specified by many telephone companies around the

    Specified by many telephone companies around the world for cleaning connector ferrule end faces

    Ideal for on site cleaning of in-service connections

    Dry cleaning cloth eliminates the use of IPA or solvents that may be toxic, flammable, or leave a residue

    Cleaning cloth is in the form of a reel in a replaceable cartridge

    Cleaning cloth is exposed when a trigger is pushed down

    Connector ferrules are wiped along slots in the exposed cleaning cloth

    When trigger is released a protective cover slides back over the cleaning cloth surface

    Cleaning tape is automatically wound on each time the cassette is used thus ensuring that a clean surface is used for each connector

    Ergonomic design suitable for left and right handed users

    Standard blue replacement tapes have micro-balls on the surface that collect contamination from the surface of the connector. Some users prefer the soft texture offered by white replacement tapes

    Replacement tapes are also available for old style Cletop cleaning cassettes (14100501 & 14100601)

    Cletop-S cassettes are available to suit all major connector styles (FC, SC, ST, E2000, LC duplex, MTRJ non-pinned and MPO non-pinned)

    Old style cassettes are available for cleaning pinned MTRJ and MPO connectors. These use different replacement tapes to the Cletop-S

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    Used for suppressing far end reflections when

    Used for suppressing far end reflections when performing singlemode return loss testing

    A typical test setup might require the far end connector of the assembly under test to be pushed into the block, allowing the near end connector return loss to be measured

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    The NEOCLEAN is a quick and easy-to-use tool for

    The NEOCLEAN is a quick and easy-to-use tool for cleaning fibre optic connector ferrules on patch cords or ports on a patch panel

    The cleaning head is protected by a dust cap when not in use. The cap flips open so that patch cord connectors can be cleaned. With the cap removed the cleaner can be inserted into connector adaptors in panels

    Simple push action cleans the ferrule with a lint-free micro-fibre cloth. Fresh cloth is wound on with each action

    The cloth is contained in a cartridge that can be replaced when exhausted reducing waste and costs. Each cartridge can perform up to 750 cleaning cycles

    The ATC-NE-E3 cleans ST, SC, FC and E2000 (PC and angled). The ATC-NE-E1 cleans MU and LC (PC and angled)

    The NEOCLEAN-EZ is a short (104mm) cleaner for use in confined spaces. It does not have replacement cartridges (the cleaner lasts for approximately 400 cleans

    These products should not be used on active equipment ports

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    ADS is the successor to the industry leading FOS-0

    ADS is the successor to the industry leading FOS-01 final polishing film

    Changes to the shape, size and coating method of the SiO2 particles on the polishing film results in longer life

    A change in the resin used minimizes residue adhesion and can eliminate a final cleaning stage in the process

    A 20% solution of Ethanol will dissolve the binder resin and increase the amount of SiO2 in the polishing solution, increasing its polishing capability to reduce scratches/dots left on the film

    ADS should be used with 2.5mm ferrules. Use ADS-SKY with 1.25mm (LC) ferrules

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