Super Rod
  • £62.95
    The cavity master cuts a rebated hole in

    The cavity master cuts a rebated hole in chipboard flooring to allow cables to be accessed. A metal cover plate is then fitted flush into the rebate to cover the hole when the job is finished

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  • £99.99
    Multi-purpose cable routing toolCables can be

    Multi-purpose cable routing tool

    Cables can be pushed or pulled through trunking, conduit, cable ducts, under floors, up cavities, and over ceilings

    Comprehensive range of attachments available for solving just about any cable routing dilemma

    Attachments available include:

    Mini Eye & Ring - when pulling/pushing cables the cables are secured to the eye or ring

    Domed Bullet - for pushing through congested bundles of cable

    Flat Bullet - for clearing grit from conduits

    Tuff Hook - large hook for grabbing cables (smaller mini hook also available)

    Double Magnet - if you are reaching over a wide void use this strong magnet on one Cable Rod to 'grab' a Tuff Hook on a rod fed from the other side. Can also retrieve metallic tools (up to 2.5kg!)

    Magcom - feed a Cable Rod with magnet attachment into a dry lined wall cavity. The Magcom is a compass that detects the position of the rod in the cavity

    Magnet & Chain - feed a Cable Rod with chain into a dry lined wall cavity. Feed another rod with magnet into a wall outlet to 'grab' the chain and pull the rod and cable down the cavity

    Super Beam - an LED torch attachment for illuminating the cable route

    The Claw - allows two fittings to be attached to Cable Rod e.g. torch and mini eye. Each leg can be bent and retains shape

    Flexi-lead - a short length of rod with extra flexibility for negotiating tight spots

    Glider - an egg whisk shaped attachment that glides over obstructions and loft insulation. Accepts other attachments such as pulling socks

    Super Grips - a range of cable pulling socks to suit a variety of cable sizes

    Brush Pair - a set of two brushes (25mm & 50mm dia) for clearing ducts and conduits

    Standard rods are 5mm diameter GRP (red)

    4mm rods (yellow) for extra flexibility and 6mm rods (black) with extra rigidity also available - fully compatible with all Cable-Rod attachments

    Swivel end rods are available to reduce torsion when pulling cables

    Glo-Rod is a swivel rod that glows when used in dark spaces

    Uni-directional flat rod only bends in one plane allowing greater directional control

    Shape-it flexi lead can be bent then keeps the shape to access awkard areas

    Cable-Rod is available in 6 kits - additional rods and attachments can be purchased separately

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  • £23.32
    The Super Rod Telescopic Pole is an ideal tool

    The Super Rod Telescopic Pole is an ideal tool for feeding cables under floors or above ceilings. 5.6m long when fully extended

    When collapsed the pole can be inserted under a lifted floorboard then extended between the joists to allow a cable to be pushed or pulled under the floor

    The tool is also useful for passing cables above ceilings or voids

    The telescopic pole is more rigid than coiled products resulting in better control and accuracy

    The pole can be enhanced by fitting accessories such as bullets, hooks, Super Beam torch, magnets, glider, and cable socks from the Super Rod cable rod range

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